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Walk around Lake Bohinj

Walk around Lake Bohinj or Bohinjsko jezero in Slovene, and experience the pristine nature of the Triglav National Park and enjoy spectacular views of the Julian Alps. A walk for all seasons and one of the best, free activities to do in the Bohinj area.

Walk around Lake BohinEnjoy spectacular views as you walk around Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Bohinj Lake Trail | Need to Know

  • How far is it to walk around Lake Bohinj?: 12km
  • How long will it take?: Approx 3-5 hours
  • What is the path like around Lake Bohinj?: Easy, well-marked, but bumpy underfoot in parts.  
  • Can you buy refreshments as you walk around Lake Bohinj?: Yes, these can be bought in Ribčev Laz & Ukanc

We recommend you walk around Lake Bohinj in an anti-clockwise direction: Ribčev Laz → Stara Fužina → Ukanc → Ribčev Laz

This means that you walk the quieter, more beautiful side first. Then if you get tired, you can get the Lake Bohinj Boat or bus back for the return leg.

Map for Walking around Lake Bohinj

Map showing the walk around Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Walking Guide for Lake Bohinj

During the walk around Lake Bohinj there are plenty of wooden benches to take a rest and sit a while. Or find a shady spot under a tree. One of the joys of this walk is that it is easy to forget the busyness of life and begin to reconnect with nature and relax. 

1) Ribčev Laz - the gateway to Lake Bohinj

Here, at the start of your walk around Lake Bohinj, you can see the picture postcard view of the stone built bridge and the stunning St John the Baptist Church. Take a look into the water below the bridge to see the large fish darting about. Then enjoy the beautiful vista of Lake Bohinj with the dramatic Julian Alps rising up all around.

Enjoy a view of the church as you walk around Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Walk over the bridge and take the trail along the shore line north. Here you will see lovely shallow swimming areas, which are perfect for young children. It is very tempting to stop at Cafe Kramar for a coffee and to watch the paragliders soaring overhead. You can’t get a better view for that morning cuppa!

As you follow the path, notice the meadows on your right. In springtime, they are bursting with wild flowers, butterflies and bees. Just before you head west, you will see a path heading off to Stara Fužina, and the Mostnica Gorge. Should you have more time to spare, a walk up the Mostnica Gorge is another popular activity well worth doing. 

Stop for some refreshments as you walk around Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

3) Heading West along Lake Bohinj

The west side of the Lake Bohinj is completely unspoilt, as the area is protected in the Triglav National Park. It is easy to find your own secluded swimming spot here in summer. Listen out for the cow bells (I have once seen the cows actually in the lake!) 

As you walk along, look out for the abandoned fish farm, as well as the big rock perfect for that selfie. You can even jump off it if you are feeling brave!

A walk around Lake Bohinj offers many stunning views

4) Ukanc - at the end of Bohinj Lake

In Slovene, “Ukanc”  literally means “the end” and that is because this is the end of the valley. Mountains enclose Ukanc and there is no way out except the way you came. It is a charming village, the gateway for the famous Slap Savica and Vogel Cable Car.

You get wonderful views here of Lake Bohinj in all her glory, and you can clearly see the U-shaped valley. Stroll along the small wooden pier for that Instagram worthy photo. You can also walk out to the little peninsular, popular with beach lovers, and where the river Savica flows in to the lake.

Family friendly swimming area at Lake Bohinj Slovenia

5) Savica River

As you wander through Ukanc, stop and enjoy the views at the wooden bridge over the Savica river. The water is an amazing emerald colour and very cold to the touch.

In Ukanc there is the campsite Zlatorog Bohinj where you can buy refreshments, and also a playground for young children. The Lake Bohinj Boat also departs from the campsite, so if your legs are tired, head over to the small quayside for a ride back to Ribčev Laz.  

Take a look at the Savica river as you walk around Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

6) Returning from Ukanc to Ribčev Laz

There are actually two paths returning to Ribčev Laz. Most people take the quicker, low path adjacent to the road. This is very pleasant and takes you past the Church of the Holy Spirit. This small, unassuming church, was built on the recommendation of a monk after a poor harvest. Whether it made a difference to the later harvests, we do not know!

The upper, quieter, path through the forest, is known at the “Hunter’s Path”, and winds you through the dense forest. Expect to see toadstools and mushrooms, lizards and small mammals.

On your walk around lake Bohinj, stop at the church of the holy spirit

7) Zlatorog Statue - the Bohinj myth

As you approach Ribčev Laz again, you will see cafes and ice-cream sellers. Take a moment to admire the bronze Zlatorog or “Goldhorn” statue perched high on a rock next to Lake Bohinj. Legend says that the chamois’ golden horns hold the key to the treasure hidden in the mountains. The mythical chamois is also known as the gate keeper to Lake Bohinj.

Now back at Ribčev Laz, stroll up the road to observe the statue of the four brave men who were the first to climb Mount Triglav.  

Visit the zlatorog statue on your walk around Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Walking around Lake Bohinj can be a great activity for the whole day. Lay your towel down at one of the many different swimming spots, read your book, swim in the refreshing water.

Kids love to watch fish swimming at Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

There is always something to look at, with fish darting along the shore line, paragliders soaring overhead, kayakers and paddle boarders on the lake, and the impressive Julian Alps all around.    

Walking around Lake Bohinj is one of the most popular activities when you stay at Escape to Bohinj Holiday House. Many guests also enjoy running around the lake too. 

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