Escape to Bohinj

Day Trips from Lake Bohinj

What are the best day trips from Lake Bohinj? 

There are many wonderful day trips available from Lake Bohinj; Lake Bled, Vintgar Gorge, Kranjska Gora, the Soča Valley to name just a few. Due to Slovenia’s small size, Lake Bohinj can be used as a base to explore many of the highlights of the country.

Here is a list of some of our favourite day trips from Lake Bohinj:

Lake Bled

Bled, less than 30 minutes from Lake Bohinj by bus, train or car, is like a fairy tale. On the tiny island (Slovenia’s only one!) sits a beautiful church, surrounded by the emerald-green water of the lake, the castle clinging to the cliff edge behind. You can take a traditional rowing boat out to the island – or swim if you’re feeling brave – and ring the bell to make a wish!

Lake Bled - day trips from Lake Bohinj

Walk around the lake, take a swim, or sit back and enjoy the views in a horse drawn carriage. Remember to try some of the famous Bled cake!!

Vintgar Gorge

A perfect complement to a visit to Bled, the Vintgar Gorge is a delightful walk along wooden platforms, criss-crossing the crystal-clear Radona river and culminating in the 16m-high Sum waterfall.

vintgar gorge slovenia

On a quiet day it is particular magical, with the smells of the forest, lush ferns and wild flowers growing between the rocks, birds singing and the ever-changing colour of the water. A trip to try in different seasons, as the level of the water and colour of the trees can dramatically affect the atmosphere.

Kranjska Gora

 Kranjska Gora – the Chamonix of Slovenia – is a popular resort for outdoor pursuits, and hosts annual world-cup skiing and ski-jumping events. The charming town centre is buzzing in summer, with many restaurants and cafés to choose from.

Head to the idyllic Zelenci nature reserve, the source of the Sava river which starts as springs bubbling into a series of small pools. Although small in size, there is an abundance of wildlife here, especially so at sunrise and sunset.

zelenci lake kranjska gora

South of Kranjska Gora is the beautiful Lake Jasna, perfect for a peaceful stroll, refreshing swim or, for the brave, the chance to fling yourself off the diving platform into the lake.

Further south still, and 50 hairpins take you to the Vršič Pass. The road is a C20th engineering masterpiece, built during WW1 for military purposes by Russian Prisoners of War who are commemorated at the Russian Chapel.

The Soča Valley

 The Soča Valley lies west of Bohinj, and is either accessed by driving south from Kranjska Gora via the Vršič Pass or, more quickly, from Bohinjska Bistrica by taking the Car Train under the mountains to Most na Soči. Taking just 35 minutes, (instead of a 2-hour drive over Vršič), this is a unique, fun way to travel.

soca valley kobarid

The Soča valley is famous for the astonishing turquois colour of the river, and offers world-class white-water rafting, kayaking and canyoning. As with Bohinj (which is only 20km as the crow flies), there are numerous hiking trails and spectacular scenery to enjoy. There is also the rich, poignant historical legacy from World War 1 to delve into, with traces of the battles in which over 1 million lives were lost still in evidence.

hiking krn cross memorial

Piran and the Coast

Although small, Slovenia’s coast offers a delightful taste of the Mediterranean. The main coastal resort is Piran, a beautifully-preserved medieval Venetian town whose peninsular juts into the Adriatic Sea. Overlooking the town is the beautiful cathedral, where you can enjoy superb views of the Gulf of Trieste.

piran slovenia coast adriatic

Leisurely amble through the quaint, narrow streets; swim from one of the rocky outcrops; or buy fresh fish from the harbour.

Both Postojna and Škocjan caves are close by (see below).

Postojna Cave

Be whisked 4km underground by train to explore the vast caverns of Postojna Cave, Slovenia’s biggest subterranean attraction. Be amazed at the array of stalactite and stalagmite formations, caverns, curtains of coloured rock, halls and passageways which are over 2 million years old.

postojna cave slovenia

Discover the unique “baby dragons”, or blind salamanders, the largest cave-dwelling animal, that can go without food for up to 10 years!

Škocjan Cave

A Unesco World Heritage site, the immense Škocjan cave system offers stunning passages, chambers, collapsed valleys and the world’s largest subterranean canyon. It is like a fantasy world – think of the “Mines of Moria” in “The Lord of the Rings.”

skocjan cave slovenia

You cannot help but be mesmerised as you stand on a bridge spanning a canyon, 45-metres above the cascading underground Reka river.

Škocjan is a little further away from the main cities in Slovenia, and as such tends to be quieter than Postojna.


Awarded “Green Capital of Europe” in 2016, Ljubljana is a compact city and ideally suited for exploration on foot or by bike. The Ljubljanica River flows through the heart of the city, and in summer cafés burst forth along the leafy banks.

ljubljana slovenia

Enjoy a ride on the funicular railway up the hilltop castle to discover more about the history and culture of Slovenia and enjoy views over the city and mountains beyond. Although there are many potential museums and attractions in Ljubljana to visit, one of its charms is that it is a delight to just wander around, soaking up the lively ambiance.

Places to Visit in Slovenia

These day trips from lake Bohinj showcase how Slovenia is an incredibly diverse country. You can experience snow-topped mountains, turquoise rivers, spectacular underground caves, an historic Mediterranean coastline, vineyards, spas & castles with welcoming hospitality and traditional home fare. 

Need some inspiration on places to visit in Slovenia? Just watch the video and see which day trip takes your fancy…