Escape to Bohinj

Swimming in Lake Bohinj

Swimming in Lake Bohinj, with the dramatic Julian Alps rising up all around you, has got to be one of the best things to do here. In the summer, the water rises well above 20°C, making the lake a lovely temperature for swimming. 

Swimming in Lake Bohinj in the Triglav National Park

Lake Bohinj is replenished by mountain streams and springs three times a year, so the water is incredibly clean and crystal clear. The water feels silky soft on your skin and you can’t help but feel refreshed after a dip in the lake.

wild swimming slovenia

When is the Best Time of the Year to Swim at Lake Bohinj?

The best time of the year for swimming at Lake Bohinj is in July and August. Children happily splash about and play in the water without getting cold.  We swim in Lake Bohinj in June and September as well, but the water isn’t quite so warm! Cold water swimmers take to the water throughout the year.

Escape to Bohinj Holiday House is ideally situated for anyone who wants to spend their vacation relaxing by the lake. Just 10 minutes by foot, it is an easy walk for children. There are no worries about parking (you have your own space by the house), and it is easy to pop back in the heat of the day for lunch or if children need a nap. 

Where are the Best Places to Swim in Lake Bohinj?

Shallow swimming beach at Lake Bohinj perfect for families with young children

The water is shallow along the shore line between Ribčev Laz and Stara Fužina, making it a great swimming spot for young families. 

Jumping and swimming at Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Relax with your morning coffee at café Kramer and let the kids jump off the pier.  This is a great swimming spot to watch the trout darting about in the clear water too.

Teenagers love to swim at the floating platform at Lake Bohinj

Wander further round the east side of the lake opposite the meadows to Stara Fužina. Here you can enjoy jumping and diving into Lake Bohinj off the floating wooden platform. 

Quiet swimming beach at Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Head around to the north shore of Lake Bohinj to find many quiet swimming beaches to lay down your towel and unwind with a good book. 

Family friendly swimming area at Lake Bohinj Slovenia

At the west end of Lake Bohinj is the hamlet of Ukanc. Here you will find grassy areas for sunbathing and shallow water for swimming. The small pier here is lovely for photos but generally the water is not deep enough for jumping.

A popular swimming beach at Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

As you follow the path, you will see a small peninsular into the lake. Here you will feel like you on a tropical island as you lay on the white stones and gaze out at the turquoise coloured water. One of the most popular swimming beaches at Lake Bohinj.

Swim in shady area at Lake Bohinj

On the south shore of Lake Bohinj, there are many small inlets for swimming, and a small pier for jumping by the church.


Popular with locals, the high rocks above Lake Bohinj offer an exhilarating jump for the brave!

ribcev-laz-swimming-lake bohinj

Between the Lake Bohinj Tourist Boat pier and the bridge in Ribčev Laz, you will find a lovely grassy bank to lay your towel. Being close to all amenities, why not pick up a pizza for lunch?

Turquoise water perfect for swimming at Lake Bohinj

Here we are back along the shore line between Ribčev Laz and Stara Fužina. Look at the colour of the water! Enjoy the many beautiful beaches for  a stunning swim in Lake Bohinj.

Top Tips for Swimming in Lake Bohinj

The ground can be stony in the lake, so for better comfort, wear water shoes. Best to buy before you arrive at Lake Bohinj as stock is limited. 

Sunset swim at Lake Bohinj Slovenia

For complete tranquillity, head down to the lake in the early morning or at dusk for a truly magical swim, most likely all to yourself.

Cooling a bottle at Lake Bohinj for a relaxing evening by the lake

Take a bottle of something special to chill in the water for a relaxing evening by the lake.

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