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5 Reasons to Love Spring in Bohinj

5 Reason to Love Spring in Bohinj

I love the hopeful feeling you get when you start to see the first spring flowers peeking up through the grass. Relieved to say goodbye to winter, you know that the warmth and sunshine of spring are just around the corner. Suddenly everywhere feels brighter. It is a time of new beginnings. A time to try new experiences, to wander through flower-filled meadows and to reconnect with the natural world.

Here are 5 reasons why we love Spring in Bohinj:

1. Fabulous Flowers

Meadows come alive with a fabulous array of wild flowers. Woodland paths are scattered with primroses, bluebells and snow drops as spring arrives in Lake Bohinj. Take a leisurely stroll, and you will be amazed at the variety and abundance of wild flowers that you will see.


High in the mountains, you’ll be able to spot edelweiss, gentians and orchids, to name just a few. There are over 40 orchids native to the Bohinj area alone! The flowers are one of the real highlight at this time of year, and there is even a festival devoted to them.

Bohinj's Wild Flower Festival

Bohinj’s International Wild Flower Festival is from 24th May-9th June, and is a treat for anyone interested in nature and botany. The event is a celebration of the bio-diversity of spring in Bohinj. Many of the workshops are free and suitable for families. 

wild flowers bohinj
edelweiss bohinj flower festival

Learn about the alpine flowers on a guided walk. Sample local produce at the markets, listen to Slovene music and visit exhibitions. Head to a restaurant and try some of the dishes inspired by local flowers, often using recipes handed down the generations. This unique event will you give you a real feel for the cultural heritage of the Bohinj region of Slovenia.

2. Peaceful Hiking in the Julian Alps

Springtime is one of the quieter times to visit Lake Bohinj. You will be rewarded with walks and hikes where you may not see another soul. Maybe you fancy a walk in the valley to a local viewpoint. Or maybe a wander through the forest, or a scenic gorge walk. With longer, sunnier days you might want to summit one of the dramatic peaks overlooking Lake Bohinj. There is a huge amount of choice for all levels in the Julian Alps. And remember, many mountain huts are now open for that tempting slice of strudel to fuel you on!


3. Dramatic Waterfalls

Late spring and early summer are often the best times to visit waterfalls, as the melting mountain snow creates a rush of water descending the valleys.

Slap Savica (“Slap” means waterfall in Slovene) is 70 metres high and is the third most visited attraction in Slovenia. In summer it can get quite busy, but in spring there are fewer people – and more water. You can combine a visit here with the Bohinj Tourist Boat and walk from the quay to the start of the waterfall trail.

Savica Waterfall near Lake Bohinj

The final ascent to the waterfall is a climb up 550 steps through the forest – yes, we have counted! It is a beautiful hike, with plenty of resting places to admire the views. If it is a particularly impressive day, be prepared to get sprayed with water as you approach the waterfall. Hope you packed that waterproof!

Check out the other fab waterfalls close to Lake Bohinj in our Blog Post. Maybe visit all three if you have time!

4. Sample Chocolate Treats

Spring brings Easter, which in turn brings Easter Eggs. For those who are fans of chocolate, the Radovljica Chocolate Festival, 20th-21st April, is a must-do activity. It is the biggest chocolate festival in Slovenia. Imagine a traditional market, but with amazing displays of pralines and chocolates, exquisitely made and beautifully presented.


Radovljica, also renowned for its traditional beekeeping and honey production, is 30 minutes’ drive from Lake Bohinj. Meander through this charming medieval town, watch street theatre, dip into cookery shows, hear local music and (most crucially) taste lots of chocolate…

5. Wellbeing

Lake Bohinj is an area where you want to be outdoors. Step outside and witness nature awakening after the long winter. Take time to stop and admire the wild flowers, watch the gorgeous butterflies dance through the air, and listen to the sweet song of the birds’ chorus. You can’t help but feel more energised with all the new life around you. A break in Bohinj will give you a spring in your step.

Visit Lake Bled Slovenia

With fewer people in spring, many of the popular tourist sites are that bit more pleasurable to visit. Lake Bled is an obvious example. 

Discover Bohinj this Spring

Feel uplifted and re-energised with the pure alpine air, inspiring scenery, impressive waterfalls, and abundance of new life around Lake Bohinj this Spring. On leaving, you can breathe more easily, ready to face the challenges back at home. 


Escape to Bohinj Holiday House


Escape to Bohinj Holiday House is ideally located to experience spring in Bohinj. Walk directly from the house across the flower-filled meadows to reach Lake Bohinj. At the end of the day, relax in a spacious, traditional farmhouse, fully modernised for contemporary living. 

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