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3 Top Spots for Waterfalls near Lake Bohinj

3 Top Spots for Waterfalls near Lake Bohinj

Late Spring is a great time to go in search of waterfalls in Bohinj. With the snow beginning to melt in the high mountains of the Triglav National Park, water cascades down the valleys, turning trickles into spectacular torrents. Waterfalls give you energy (more on that later) and are often in gorgeous locations. So why not lace up your walking boots and enjoy the warmer, longer, sunny days of spring to discover three of the best waterfalls in the Bohinj Valley?

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1) Savica Waterfall

VISIT: It is easy to see why this is one of the most popular waterfalls in Slovenia, and the inspiration for many poets and writers. Set above beautiful Lake Bohinj, with the high peaks of the Julian Alps all around, it’s hard to imagine a more stunning backdrop. The start of the hiking trail to the Savica Waterfall is readily accessible by foot or car from Lake Bohinj, making it an easy excursion. 

Savica Waterfall near Lake Bohinj

SEE: The Savica Waterfall literally bursts out of the limestone rockface in a unique A-shape, creating two falls that pour into a striking emerald pool below. The water feeds through an underground cave system from the Triglav Lake Valley 1,000m above. After the waterfall, the water flows into Lake Bohinj from where it forms the start of the Sava Bohinjka River. 

TIME: From the ticket office, the hike to the viewing platform takes 20-30 minutes up 550 steps through pine forest. 

DO: Stop as you take the steps up to the waterfall and admire views over Lake Bohinj. Read the information displays to discover the history and geology of the Bohinj area.

GOOD TO KNOW: “Slap” is the Slovene word for “waterfall”, so Savica Waterfall is really called “Slap Savica”.

2) Mostnica Waterfall

VISIT: Have you heard the expression that life is about the journey, not just about the destination? This applies to the Mostnica Waterfall – the hike includes the Mostnica Gorge and the Voje Valley, and is a complete joy in itself.

Mostnica Waterfall near Lake Bohinj

SEE: You can’t help but be impressed by the naturally carved rock formations and the green water gushing down the Mostnica Gorge on the walk up. Look out for the rock that is said to resemble an elephant’s head. As you get further up the trail into the Voje valley, take time to enjoy the lush flower- and butterfly-adorned pastures. Finally, you reach the impressive 21m-high Mostnica Waterfall.

TIME: From Stara Fužina (where there is a fee-paying car park), the hike takes 2-2.5 hours to the waterfall. So allow at least 4 hours for the return trip, especially if you are going to stop to take photos or have a snack. The route is about 13km in total.

DO: Stop at the Koča na Voje for a slice of blueberry strudel and a coffee halfway up/down. 

GOOD TO KNOW: The hike is suitable for families, but we recommend staying close to small children. As you walk up the Mostnica Gorge there are no fences. It would be easy for a curious child to get close to the edge, and the drop is very high.

3) Grmečica Waterfall

VISIT: Grmečica Waterfall is a hidden gem of the Bohinj area, more popular with locals than tourists. Unlike the more popular Savica Waterfall, you will probably have the place all to yourself. 

SEE: A perfect place for peace and tranquillity, and the opportunity to get as close to the waterfall as you want. The path takes you to the pool at the foot of the waterfall, which is a lovely spot to sit awhile. There is also a small gorge that you can explore to the right of the waterfall.

TIME: This is an easy 30-minute, 2km walk each way from the villages of Nomenj or Log through farmland.

grmecica waterfall Bohinj

DO: If you are bold and experienced, you can go on a canyoning adventure up the Grmečica Canyon. You then get the opportunity to jump off the top of the waterfall! The waterfall may not look that high up at 6m, but from the top, the pool seems a long way down.

For a more sedate experience, why not take a picnic on a warm day and be soothed by the sound of the water as you sit on the shingle shoreline.

GOOD TO KNOW: This is one of the few waterfalls where you can take a dip in the water. However, be warned – the ice melt makes the water very cold. Even in summer, the water is only 12°C. Perfect for any cold water swimming enthusiasts out there though!

Waterfall Benefits

Many people have observed the great sense of well-being that accompanies a visit to a waterfall. Why is this? Science offers a fascinating explanation for this phenomenon, and there is more to it than just being inspired by a beautiful view! 

The human body has a magnetic field made up of both positive and negative ions. These ions naturally occur in the air we breathe. An overload of positive ions, sometimes referred to as “free radicals”, which can come from mobile phones, computers, heating systems for example, can adversely affect our magnetic field, making us feel drained and tired. In contrast, negative ions, produced in abundance by moving water, give energy and vitality. This is perhaps because negative ions are believed to produce a biochemical reaction in our body, increasing the mood chemical serotonin. This in turn helps to relieve stress and increase a feeling of well-being. Fascinating! 

So by visiting a waterfall, you get a real top-up of negative ions which will boost your mood and energy. Negative ions are mostly found in the mountains, at sea and in forests (5,000 to 50,000 anions per cubic centimetre.) Amazingly, at the Savica Waterfall, the quantity of negative ions is measured at over 100,000 anions! As the sign recommends; “stop, close your eyes and feel the positive energy of the sprinkling water drops of the Savica Waterfall.”

We hope you are tempted to get outside and explore one of the super waterfalls near Lake Bohinj and get your mood-enhancing fix. Slovenia is a country rich in rivers, lakes, and waterfalls, so if you have time, head further afield and explore some of the other impressive waterfalls in the country. 

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