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Join the Bohinj International Wild Flower Festival


Join the Bohinj International Wild Flower Festival: Discover the Magical Wildflowers in Slovenia's Julian Alps

Awaken your senses with a trip to the International Wild Flower Festival in Bohinj this spring (24th May-9th June). For anyone who loves nature and botany, this is an event not to be missed. The festival is a celebration of the stunning wildflowers that grow in the mountains and valleys around Lake Bohinj.


Where is Lake Bohinj?

Lake Bohinj is situated in the Julian Alps in the north east of Slovenia. Think mountains, rivers, waterfalls, meadows, valleys and lakes. The area is protected inside the Triglav National Park and is home to an abundance of wildflowers.  In fact, Lake Bohinj has over 1000 different plant species, and there are over 40 Orchids native to the Bohinj area alone!

Lake Bohinj in Spring

Festival Summary

The delightful event offers a unique opportunity to learn about the alpine flowers and experience the cultural heritage of the Bohinj region. Many of the talks are given by local experts who have years of experience living off the land or using flowers for medicinal purposes or for food. Through shared knowledge and understanding, we can protect endangered plant species so that they are there for future generations.   

Wild Flower Festival Programme

There are a variety of events including guided walks, botanical excursions, floral cuisine, markets, village concerts and exhibitions. You can dip into as much or as little as you would like. 


Click here for the full programme. Some festival highlights include:

Guided Hikes

Expert guides will lead you on a journey of discovery, introducing you to the unique ecosystems that support Bohinj’s wildflowers and pointing out the rare and endangered species that call it home. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a first-timer, you’re sure to be captivated by the beautiful views and the wealth of knowledge that the guides have to offer.


Floral Cuisine

Discover the edible wild plants that can be used in cooking. Learn to identify different species and more importantly, know which ones not to eat! Learn about the folklore and traditions associated with the local flora, and even taste some of the edible flowers that grow in the area. Discover how to prepare a 3-course meal from plants foraged from the meadow. 

Do also try one of the floral inspired menus on offer at the  local restaurants.

Relax at Lake Bohinj

A visit to Lake Bohinj is not complete though without some time for rest and relaxation. Be enchanted as you stroll from Stara Fužina across the meadow to Lake Bohinj and see all the blossoming flowers swaying in the breeze. With crystal-clear waters reflecting the snow-capped peaks of the Julian Alps, it’s easy to see why this is one of Slovenia’s hidden gems.


The International Wild Flower Festival is a unique event for nature lovers. So why not plan your visit now and discover the wonders of Bohinj’s wildflowers for yourself?

Lake Bohinj Accommodation

Slovenia Holiday House near Lake Bohinj

Escape to Bohinj Holiday House is ideally located to experience spring in Bohinj. Walk directly from the house across the flower-filled meadows to reach Lake Bohinj. At the end of the day, relax in a spacious, traditional farmhouse, fully modernised for contemporary living. 

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