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Bohinj Steam Train

Bohinj Steam Train – A stunning railway journey through the Julian Alps

The Bohinj steam train is one of the most magnificent rail journeys you can do in a day, according to the Telegraph Travel.

There is something uniquely special about travelling on a steam train; the feel and smell, the other enthusiastic travellers and dedicated staff who are committed to maintaining the engine and celebrating its history. It is a time to stop and stare, soak up the views and atmosphere around you and enjoy just being on holiday.

The steam train adventure takes three hours, with scenery highlights including views of Lake Bled, numerous gorges, the incredibly Bohinj tunnel (6,339 metres – not for those afraid of the dark!), and the longest stone arch bridge in the world – the Solkan bridge, with its 85 metre wide arch over the stunning, emerald coloured, Soca River. The “museum train” also provides historical entertainment with a special appearance from “Franz Ferdinand” and his wife to open the journey. Train guards are immaculately dressed and an accordion player comes through the carriages playing nationally known songs creating a lovely atmosphere.

The Bohinj Railway was built in the early 1900s as part of a new strategic railway to connect Western Austria and Southern Germany with the then Austro-Hungary port of Trieste. The line starts in Jesenice and then crosses the Julian Alps through the Bohinj tunnel and then continues onwards towards Nova Gorica, crossing the Italian border to reach Trieste. After World War I, the train line lost it importance as political divisions increased in Europe. It wasn’t until 2004 when Slovenia joined the European Union that the railway was brought back to life.

The Bohinj steam train stops at a number of stations along the route where you can get off and explore the small museums or grab a snack. Just outside the final stop in Nova Gorica, you can head to Europe Square where you can even stand in Italy and Slovenia at once as the border runs through the middle of the square! A great photo opportunity.

Watch the video to get a real flavour of the trip: 

As of 2019, a return train ticket costs €40 for Adults and €29 for children aged 6-12 years. However, with the Bohinj Tourist Card you can get a discount, usually 50%.

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So next time you are in Bohinj, why not take a day to enjoy this historic train excursion?

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